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Tick Control

If you have watched or read any news stories lately you’ve likely heard about the increased risk for Lyme disease as more ticks move into the area.

They can carry some significantly dangerous diseases and pathogens, posing a great risk for any person exposed. Unfortunately, ticks are starting to become more common here, however, right now there are no high incidences of Lyme disease in the state as of right now.

indianapolis tick control

Avoid the surprise discovery of these parasites on your property by calling (317) 759-7669 for help with control & prevention!

Either way, the best method for avoiding an issue is through prevention methods. Our solutions can help you lower the possibility of your yard becoming infested with potential disease-carrying ticks.

If you have pets we encourage you to be proactive and keep them safeguarded with appropriate medicine at all times. Speak with your vet about the latest and most effective dog treatments and increase your chances of protecting your home all year long.

Lyme Disease

A person that gets bitten by one of these bloodsuckers is likely going to experience some itching and redness or even a red rash. Unfortunately, for those bitten by an infected tick carrying Lyme disease this red rash slowly develops the shape resembling a bull’s eye. Because the majority of people who contract Lyme disease are unaware for a very long time, if not forever, if you have recently been bitten and are worried or have experienced odd symptoms since then, we encourage you to visit your local physician.

Call (317) 759-7669 if you have noticed ticks or want to have treatments in order to prevent them. Our exterminators will gladly help you protect your family and home.

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