Stink Bug Control

They can be seen taking over properties, covering the windows and doors and even eaves.

Stink Bug Problems?

As their name suggests, if you were to step on one or smash it, you would be greeted with a foul odor.


While you can find many different solutions on the internet for dealing with them, they may not always be effective or may require additional help from professional exterminators.

Our solutions can help you keep them out. Regardless of what method you choose for controlling these smelly insects, the best method for keeping them out of your home is through proper insulation. Look for cracks and crevices around your structure, near doors, windows, any entrances or openings to your home (vents included) and seal them up with caulk. Apply weatherstripping where needed and this alone should provide a significant decrease in the numbers you see inside, as well as many other pests.

In addition to sealing up your home, our extermination methods can be applied to further protect your structure’s exterior from being infested by the odorous pests. Call us today and learn more about our effective and affordable pest control solutions.