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Dealing With Scary Spiders

This area is home to a variety of these arachnids with the majority of them quite harmless.

Grass, garden, and fishing spiders are common.  They can be seen in yards, gardens, and even floating on rivers and streams, not to mention residential swimming pools.  Obviously these particular spiders are not a threat but that doesn’t make them any less annoying to have on your property.

You might come across certain spiders that should always be avoided and if control services are required, rely on a local  pest control professional. It’s too risky trying to control or manage harmful and dangerous spiders when there are specialists with the knowledge and skills to safely do it for you.

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Southern Black Widow – Many people are familiar with what black widows look like and you’ll notice them at night as they hang upside down in their web; it makes their hourglass marking much more visible. They will not pose a threat unless you are reaching into an area you cannot see and accidentally disturb one. Then a chance of being bitten is highly possible.

Brown Recluse – Like the black widow, a brown recluse bite can easily be avoided with a few simple precautions. If you do notice a brown recluse or black widow our extermination experts are ready to assist you.

Regardless of what kind of pests are on your property, our solutions are effective so you can safely eliminate them. Many times spiders that find their way inside homes, businesses, and any other structure will be a benefit in keeping your general insect population down. All the little bugs and insects you don’t see that are hiding about inside your property become their prey.

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