Millipede Control

They Look Like Worms With A Thousand legs

How To Handle An Millipede Problem

They are commonly confused with centipedes because they do look rather similar to each other. The best way to determine a millipede is by looking at the legs. They will have paired legs in each body segment except for the first three segments. Whereas centipedes have one leg for each body segment.

There are many different colors of these arthropods and some have a rather flat body while others have a more tubular shape. Unfortunately, some are toxic and should be avoided.

They feast on many different things including other insects, dead plants and fungi. They go off in search of food during the night and prefer to stay in dark places.

If you are noticing an abundance of millipedes on your property give our Indianapolis pest control experts a call. We can advise on the best solution for controlling and preventing them in the future as well.