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Answers To Your Beetle Questions

indy beetle control

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There are different beetles you might come across in this area but our pest control solutions are the ideal and effective choice for eliminating and preventing them from your property. Some beetles will cause damage while others are simply a nuisance to have around.

Beetle Prevention

Prevention is always encouraged if you have frequent pest issues. Preventing these insects from invading your place should be considered if you seem to have an invasion every year. Our highly skilled exterminators will inspect your property to determine where they are gaining entry and then recommend the best solutions for your issue. However, sealing up any entry points (for beetles and other pests) should always be done first.

We’re standing by to assist you in helping eliminate the pests that have invaded your property. Give us a call now at (317) 759-7669 to learn more, receive an estimate and schedule service or an inspection!

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