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How To Deal With Bees

Most people are afraid of bees and that is quite understandable given that their sting can be excruciatingly painful, not to mention some people are allergic to stinging insects.

Stingless Bees – These particular insects do not sting but bite in order to defend themselves. You will find them nesting in branches, cavities in the ground and tree trunks. They are smaller than honeybees but are still ideal for pollination because residents have no fear of being of stung by them.

HoneyBees – These can survive all year long but like many pests will become dormant during winter months.  Swarms can contain as many as 45,000 bees and produce up to 80 pounds of honey. You will never see a ‘small’ hive and they will typically be discovered buzzing around structural openings. Bee stings can be very painful but they can only sting once due to their stinger becoming lodged in your skin.

Carpenter Bees – They don’t sting and the males are a solid black color. If you notice a female it will be a tan color and they can sting. Many people often mistake these for bumble bees but you can tell the difference by the shiny appearance of the carpenter bee and they have less hair. They also fly in a jerk-like motion which is another way to distinguish it from their harry cousins. They burrow holes into structures the size of a penny or dime and is one way to identify a carpenter bee issue.

Regardless of the kind buzzing around your property our pest control experts are ready and able to provide safe removal so you can carry on without worry of getting stung. Call (317) 759-7669 today to learn more.

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