Ant Control

Let our professional ant control specialists help you

How To Handle An Ant Problem

Your home, business, or any property for that matter is an investment you have made and therefore it’s only natural that you would want to protect it from annoying and damaging pests. We offer quality, effective, and affordable ant control solutions.

Some pests carry disease and others cause structural damage. Regardless of how harmful they are you probably don’t want to share your space with them.

When you call on our skilled pest control techs they will determine where the ants are coming in at and advise on ways to seal it up and prevent more from entering. We know how to target them and we provide the proper treatments to effectively control them.

Indy Carpenter Ants

If you’re dealing with this type call us and one of our professional exterminators will come and inspect your property. This is necessary to locate the colony as this is the most effective method for elimination. Unfortunately, it can be rather difficult to do on your own because the carpenter ants will build their nests in the voids of the ceiling or walls.

For Inspection, Call Us!

Only the safest and most effective extermination methods are used by our highly-trained professionals. We can help you keep employees and customers safe while your property is being treated. Be advised that we offer Eco-friendly solutions and are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding a specific problem or our competent and efficient commercial pest control solutions.