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Indianapolis Flea Control

If you’re not too familiar with fleas it would be quite a surprise because with over 2,000 flea species in the world it seems just about everyone has experienced fleas or had flea issues in their property at one time. It’s unfortunate because fleas are one of the harder pests to eliminate simply because many times property owners don’t realize a problem exists until a moderate infestation has developed.

Pets & Fleas

For families and properties with pets and other animals it’s not uncommon to endure fleas at some point. Of course, keeping your pets protected from fleas is the first step to avoiding flea infestations but sometimes that won’t be enough. Fleas can infest wild critters outdoors so if you have wild animals traipsing through your yard at night or even during the day, they could easily be carrying fleas that will then infest your yard. You will then start noticing them when walking through your yard and could unknowingly carry them in your property from the infested yard.

Regardless of where your fleas may have come from, our Indianapolis flea control exterminators have the experience to help you find relief. There are certain procedures that can be beneficial prior to having treatments done and our representatives will discuss this further with you once you decide to choose our superior Indianapolis flea control services.

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