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Indianapolis Cricket Control

Crickets are a common and often times annoying pest that will sometimes invade Indianapolis properties. When this happens their chirping and potential damage they can cause becomes a large nuisance to the property owners.

indianapolis cricket control

You can count on our quality Indianapolis cricket control solutions to do the job!

You can keep your property protected from crickets by calling our Indianapolis cricket control experts and inquiring about our pest maintenance plans. One of our expert exterminators will come to your property and treat it according to the pest plan you have chosen. In addition we can also help with one-time treatments for pest issues. You don’t need to worry about signing a contract or paying any hidden costs/fees.

There are different kinds of crickets you might encounter so regardless of what kind it is we encourage you to call our Indianapolis cricket control exterminators to see just how we can help.

Camel & Spotted Camel Crickets

When you stumble upon a camel cricket you’ll understand just where it’s name came from. It has a rounded hump back and consume plant roots, dead insects (including their own), fruit, leaves and fungi. Although it’s listed here, the camel cricket is not a true cricket. It’s hind legs are large and can quickly jump away to avoid predators. ¬†Should you find a camel cricket in your property it will likely be your cellar, shed, basement or any outdoor buildings you have on the property. They prefer a damp environment and are nocturnal pests.

The spotted camel cricket also has a large arched back with large hind legs. It has mottled coloration all over and is often found basements when inside a property and under rocks and in forests when outside. They consume plants and other insects and mostly seen during the warmer months, however if they find their way inside a structure they could remain active during the colder months as well.

Indianapolis House Crickets

House crickets are common in Indianapolis and often look similar to a grasshopper but can be distinguished by its 3 segmented body sections. These are the crickets that can become very noisy due to the male crickets chirping, often at night, to attract the females. Crickets have a higher pitch chirp than grasshoppers. They are not a threat to your property but they can be very disturbing. They will stick around a property if food waste is accessible so don’t be surprised if you find them in your kitchen or food preparation spaces.

Whether you are noticing these particular crickets or another type our Indianapolis cricket control exterminators are ready and able to help! We have superior solutions to help you find freedom from the noisy and annoying pests at competitive rates. Just give us a call today at (317) 759-7669 to learn more and schedule your service. We look forward to hearing from you!

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